Landscape Incentive Program

Get Paid to Remove Your Lawn

Utah Water Saver's Landscape Incentive Program offers up to $3 per square foot of lawn you replace with water-efficient landscaping. Landscaping project options include park strip, side yard, and full yard conversions. Commercial projects, irrigation retrofit, and tree-planting incentives are also available in certain areas.

Eligibility for this program depends on the city in which you live. Click here to see cities eligible for the incentive.



To be eligible for the program:

Program requirements vary based on where you live and will be specified upon applying.

Why would we pay you to remove grass?

Less water used on landscaping leaves more for our lakes and reservoirs.

Since 2000, Utah's population has increased by almost 48% and is projected to increase by another 49% by 2050. This growth will convert some agricultural lands into urban/suburban areas and will increase the density of our current urban regions. Because of this growth, many of our water basins will primarily provide for residential areas rather than agricultural ones. Therefore, it is crucial for Utah's economy, environment and health that each person conserve water—even during good water years.


What does it mean to be a Utah Water Saver?

Only use what you need.
Care about your neighbor.
Use water efficiently.
Be a good steward.

How it works:

*The following steps apply to those new to Utah Water Savers. If you've already created an account and added a property, sign in and skip to step 4.
  1. Visit this page to determine if your area qualifies for the Landscape Incentive Program.
  2. Register an account
  3. Add a property to identify your water provider.
  4. Select 'Apply Now' next to the Landscape Incentive on your user dashboard.
  5. Watch the prerecorded, educational video.
  6. Complete your application by uploading photos of your current yard and adding a landscape plan (professional designs are not required).
  7. A Utah Water Savers technician will review your application.
  8. Schedule a pre-project site visit to assess your existing landscaping.
  9. Upon approval, you will have one year to complete your project.
  10. After completing your project, arrange a post-project site visit by signing back in and selecting 'Request Final Visit' next to the Landscape Incentive.
  11. Once your project is finished, you will schedule a post-project site visit
  12. If your project meets the program's requirements and your agreement and a W-9 form are submitted, you will receive your incentive payment by mail.