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Landscape Design

Don't try figuring out the perfect water-efficient landscape design on your own! Take advantage of our free resources to guide your efforts.

Design Videos

Design Templates


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Dripline irrigation watering small, healthy plants.

Waterwise irrigation

Water-efficient irrigation is crucial for conserving water and promoting healthy plant growth. Below are some resources to help you start irrigating efficiently today.

Irrigation Help

Perrenial flowers

Waterwise Plant Databases

Finding the right plants for your yard is easy! Choose from the list of plant guides based on your location.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District

  • Counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Duschene, Wasatch, Juab, Uintah, Summit

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

  • Counties: Salt Lake, Utah

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

  • Counties: Weber, Morgan, Davis, Cache, Rich
Waterfalls within a Utah canyon

Rebate Programs

We'll pay you for being more water conscientious.

Landscape Incentive

  • Receive money by converting your yard to water-efficient landscaping. Learn more.

Toilet Replacement

  • Get rid of old toilets from before 1994 and install in its place a new, WaterSense-labeled one. Learn more.

Smart Controller

  • Water your grass when it actually needs watering. Learn more.
Ordinary toilet

Home Water Use

Upgrading outdated water fixtures or identifying areas of water waste in your home are simple steps you can take to conserve water.

Water-efficient fixtures

House with water-efficient landscaping in the front yard


Whether it's learning more about waterwise plants, or designing your dream landscape design, check out some of the classes near you and educate yourself in Utah water conservation.

Conservation/Landscape Design Classes

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Current Water

Find out how Utah is trending with its water supply.

Water Data