Smart Controller Program

Utah Water Saver's Smart Controller Program offers cash incentives to replace your irrigation controller with a smart, water-efficient one. Earn a rebate of up to $75 when you purchase an eligible WaterSense-labeled smart controller for your yard. See list of WaterSense-labeled controllers here.

Smart controllers reduce water waste by automatically adjusting how often and how long a landscape is watered based on local weather and landscape conditions.


Looking to get started? Purchase and install a WaterSense-labeled smart controller (also called timer or clock) and fill out an application within 30 days of the purchase. To complete the application, you must show the following items:

The rebate check will be made payable to the property owner.

Why change to a smart controller?

Studies show that more than half of Utahns are overwatering their yards. Save that water now to enjoy Utah later.

Actual savings may vary, but WaterSense estimates that up to 8,800 gallons of water could be saved annually by replacing standard controllers with smart controllers. Through water conservation, we save money that would otherwise need to be spent to develop additional water sources and expensive infrastructure to supply water. Small changes and adjustments to your watering schedule can make a significant impact.


What does it mean to be a Utah Water Saver?

Only use what you need.
Care about your neighbor.
Use water efficiently.
Be a good steward.